Welcome to Telangana State Society for Training & Employment Promotion

Aims & Objectives

  1. To act as the nodal agency to interact and coordinate with all Governmental, Financial, Academic and Non-governmental agencies for effective implementation of Employment generation schemes.
  2. Again employer / industry demand and workforce productivity with youth trainees’ aspirations for sustainable livelihoods, by creating a framework for outcome focused training.
  3. Creating and increase the capacity and quality of training infrastructure and trainers to ensure equitable and easy access to every youth. Every district should at least one skill development centre with adequate infrastructure with convenient access to the youth.
  4. Build capacity for skill development in organized and un-organized sectors and provided pathways for re-skilled and up-skilling workers in these identified sectors, to enable them to transition into formal sector employment.
  5. Make quality skill development training aspirational for both youth and employers whereby youth sees as a matter of choice and employer acknowledges the productivity linked to a skilled work force.
  6. Focus on an outcome-based approach towards quality skilling that on one hand results in increased employability and better livelihoods into improved productivity across primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.
  7. Address human resources needs by aligning supply of skilled workers with sectoral requirements of industry.
  8. Develop a network of quality instructors / trainers in the skill development ecosystem by establishing high quality teacher training instructions.
  9. Leverage existing public infrastructure and industry facilities for setting up and/or scaling up skill training and capacity building efforts. Assist, financially or otherwise, suitable agencies in creating or operationalising such infrastructure and skill training requirements. Encourage active participation of the public sector undertakings, private sector and civil society through feasible and productive partnership.
  10. Organize job fairs to bring together potential employers and probable aspirants for job and in the process supplement or cover deficiencies in the youth aspirant’s ability with skill training, if required.
  11. Establish and implement cross-sectorial nationally and internationally acceptable standards for skill training.
  12. Promote convergence and co-ordination between skill development efforts of all Departments and implementing agencies.
  13. Propagate and promote aspirational value of skilling among youth, by creating awareness on value of skill training in the media and other awareness campaigns / methods.
  14. Promote entrepreneurship culture and make it aspirational and to encourage entrepreneurship as a viable career option through advocacy.
  15. Promote standards in the skilling space through active involvement of employers in setting occupational standards, helping develop curriculum, providing apprenticeship opportunities, participating in assessments, and providing gainful employment to skilled workforce with adequate compensation, and also to operationalize a well-defined quality assurance framework aligned with global standards to facilitate mobility of labour.
  16. Attracting investment in the skill development sector and to also study the best practices being adopted in other countries for skill development.
  17. Support weaker and disadvantaged sections of society through focused outreach and targeted skill development activities.
  18. Promote increased participation of women in the workforce through appropriate skilling and gender mainstreaming of training.
  19. In the long term to create an end-to-end implementation framework for skill development, which provides opportunities for life-long learning.
  20. To carry out any other activity related to the objectives or incidental to the objectives.
  21. To construct buildings and workshops and alter, extend, improve, repair, enlarge or modify the same and to provide and equip the same with electricity, water, drainage, furniture, fittings, machines and all other necessaries.
  22. To receive funds from the Government, spend them on schemes directly / through District officers / other State Government Institutions / Voluntary organizations and render accounts in the prescribed manner.
  23. To undertake such other function which may be entrusted to the society by Government from time to time.
  24. To create with the prior approval of the State Government any reserve funds, sinking fund, insurance funds, or any other special funds whether depreciation or fir repairs, improving, extending or maintaining any of the properties or rights of the society and or for recoupment of wasting assets and for any other purpose for which the society deems its expedient or proper to create ot maintain any such fund or funds.
  25. The Principal office of the Society shall be located at Hyderabad. TSSTEP will be Apex society to all the existing societies (dealing with employment and Training) without affecting autonomous character of existing societies.